The Indie Comics Flyer №3

G. E. Gallas
6 min readSep 21, 2021

Presented by Radiant Pessimist Press. Written by G. E. Gallas.


Welcome to The Indie Comics Flyer! This is your host, G. E. Gallas ( In case you don’t know, I’m a writer-illustrator of graphic novels and zines. This week, I’ll be sharing a fresh batch of graphic novels, webcomics, zines, Kickstarters, etc. that I believe deserve some attention. In this edition, we have a smorgasbord of indie comics in that they all have very different genres and art styles. Which isn’t surprising since I have a very eclectic taste in comics as in everything else. So I hope there’s something for everyone here!

Webcomic of the Week

Drawings by James Lipnickas




I am completely mesmerized by James Lipnickas’s work. It’s definitely not your usual webcomic. But it is indeed sequential art containing many pages (well over 100) and posted to the web, so I say it counts. He’s taken something (comics) usually (and mistakenly) considered lowbrow and elevated it to fine art. These silent, full page (what I consider single panel) scenes as if carved out from the blank page by graphite are haunting in their surrealism. If one day he decides to publish them in physical book form, I would be his first customer.

Today’s Kickstarter

We actually have 3 today………

Hans Vogel is Dead by Sierra Barnes (



Synopsis: An anti-fascist fairytale about a World War II fighter pilot navigating the afterlife. Hans Vogel — an ace…



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